Silence is not my cause

They expect us to bow down, stay quiet
Stay still, remain calm
How do they want us to sit and watch our lives flash before our eyes?
How do they want us to listen to the screams of innocent souls dying away?
How come there is no acknowledgement to our people when we are the ones who suffer?
How can they do such brutal acts when they know what it feels like to drown in your own blood?
How can they view innocent people dying when they watched the deaths of their loved ones?
My people my Palestinians Silence is no option
We will not bow down to you, we will not stay still, and we will not stay quiet
For we will not be defeated
We are stronger than you can imagine
Our faith in Allah is what makes us strong
Our suffering we endure everyday is what makes us empowered
Listen to me
Mark your territory with your signs, they do us no harm
For we are Palestinians and Palestine is our home
People around the world are not oblivious to the events taking place
They fear that if they were to stand up for our race they will be thrown in with the flock
Then there are the brave souls who do not fear no other being than god
The agonizing calls for “Help Mr., Help Mr.” a man of power
Who shall not be named
For he watches our people suffering, for they all do
Yet, so little action is taking place
My Palestinians we will redeem our rightful spot one day
Our journey will continue
Throughout that journey we will fight
People will remember what we are fighting for
People will remember our story forever
People will remember the Palestinians

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