50 Muslims were murdered while attending Friday prayer in New Zealand Mosques

On Friday March 15, 50 Muslims were shot down while attending Friday prayer in Christchruch New Zealand. This was lead by a man in his late twenties that has been identified by AP as a “self-proclaimed racist” who live-streamed the attack in the mosque.

This happened in multiple locations with multiple people. One man was arrested and charged with murder, and the other two involved are in custody at the moment. Police also worked to defuse explosives in the cars of the attackers.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said “It is clear that is can now only be described as a terrorist attack” in a conference hours ago. Many of these victims may be refugees.

This was such a shocking turn of events that many people did not expect to wake up and find. When events like this occur it is always followed with “thoughts and prayers.” I am here to say yes we need to have thoughts and prayers in mind, but we also need to take action and be more vocal.

50 of my Muslim brothers and sisters lost their lives today. 50…. Not only is that unfathomable, it is outrageous that media outlets have yet to label this as a terrorist attack. This is still an ongoing story that will be updated periodically throughout the day so that may change. Lets hope it does.

I did not have a podcast planned for today, but my good friend Mahnoor Syed and I have recorded a podcast we want to share with you. We just talked about our emotions and a few facts with his terrorist attack. What it’s like to be a Muslim in this time. Take a listen if you will. There is a part where I stumbled across the video while we were recording and I went quiet. I apologize but I was trying to hold my emotions back.

Mahnoor Syed Is my Guest. This is an unedited cut of this episode. We did not put music in the beginning or end because this is a day of remembrance and action.


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