International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s day everyone! Today we celebrate women of all kinds for being the strong, fierce and boss ladies they are.

Today we should not only be proud of who we are, we should also continue to encourage other women to embrace and love themselves.

Today, I challenge you to compliment a woman for something on the inside. Don’t just tell her you like her shoes or shirt. Tell her why she’s special.

Do an act of kindness even though you should everyday (I know you do ;)) Let the world know why we celebrate this day and month.

Sometimes being a woman is not easy. We have our ups and downs. Some days we have a hard time dealing with our emotions due to a lack of respect and admiration within. My theory is that if we all learn to love and accept ourselves for how we are we won’t ever need the approval of others.

Everyday we face crap that makes us feel like we are unwanted and unimportant. Want to know a secret? It’s okay to feel that way sometimes. Even the most confident woman who seems to have her life put together so well, has her own insecurities.

You are special, you are worth it and you are beautiful. Queen Bey was right ladies, Girls run the world. Own the day and the month.

Have some new posts coming soon. I’ll be writing a lot more on here now as I have gotten some feedback that more people want to see more of my options and more women related news.

I am also opening up the website to allow you to send in reader emails! the email is I am taking questions, stories, comments, or anything at all.

I am excited to take your feedback and implement it on the blog and podcast. My apologies for the lack of podcasts lately, I promise I have a really good one coming soon I am just working on some details for the recording session.



Let us know your thoughts!