Hey everyone! It has been a minuet since we’ve had a podcast episode, so I got someone really cool to feature for you all!

This episode is with Emily J. from OVERDRESSED! Emily is a Columbia College Chicago graduate who has successfully crafted her own clothing-line after years of hard work and dedication.


The fashion business woman said she has been wanting to launch her clothing-line since she was in college, but was always nervous. “I had a lot of support from my family” she said. “My parents, sister, and husband kept pushing me to do this and I am so thankful.”

The entrepreneur said that she wanted to be known as her own person, and saved all her own money to start her clothing-line.

Logo sweater and leggings

The clothing-line is most notable for their shirts sporting the logo “OVERDRESSED” in black and white colors. The clothes are avalible for men and women.

Emily said that she likes to make her clothes suitable for all. “My clothes are also suitable for people who prefer to dress modestly, such as a woman who wear the hijab, because my T-shirts are long.”

In the podcast episode, we talk about the process behind creating a clothing-brand and Emily was very forward about the amount of work that goes into it.

“It is all blood, sweat and tears” she said. “A lot of people think it is all fun and games, and while it is fun, it is still a lot of work.”

If Emily could see any celebrity in her clothes, it would be a Kardashian. “I don’t want to sound basic, but I feel that the Kardashian’s are really paving way in the fashion industry” she said. “Kim and Kanye set many trends and it would be amazing to see them in my clothing.”

Newest Blazer

Emily said that no matter how hard it is, she loves what she does, and she has just recently released her first blazer in the OVERDRESSED family pictured on the right.

“I wanted to have something to accessorize my shirts, so what better than a blazer?”

OVERDRESSED clothing is available on the website HERE, and you may follow their Instagram as well.

Emily J. CEO of OVERDRESSED Chicago

It was so much fun having Emily on the podcast this week! We talked about the struggles of being a woman and trying to stem away from the stereotype that an Arab woman shouldn’t be working in fields that are out of the ordinary. I think you all will love this podcast as much as we loved recording it!

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