She Speaks Diversity Meets This Muslim Girl Podcast!

Happy Friday Everyone! It is OFFICIALLY February, and what better way to kick off the new month than a collaborative podcast episode?

This Muslim Girl Podcast was created by Noor Qwfan, a Yemeni Californian podcaster who loves to empower and promote Muslim women. Her podcast has been active for a few years now, and this week we both have an episode answering your questions!

The She Speaks Diversity portion of the podcast is all about women empowerment, and the meaning of friendship. Noor and I really talked about what we feel makes a good friendship, and what makes a person a good friend.

This Muslim Girl Podcast Logo

On the This Muslim Girl Podcast, Noor and I talked about hijab and its meaning. What a coincidence that it is also world wide hijab day! We talked about double standards with hijab, and our views on the way it is represented in the media.

Our conversation is a bit debatable, and we like a healthy debate. If you have a questions of remarks after listening to with one of our episodes, feel free to email, or direct message us to further discuss! I personally would love to have an open conversation with my listeners, as I am sure Noor would too!

It is really funny that Noor and I have never met before, yet our conversation was so effortless when it came to this podcast. Women empowerment is a beautiful thing. It is so important to encourage women to step out of the box, and chase after their dreams.

While Noor and I have our own podcasts, we both agreed this was really fun, and that we would totally be down to do another conjoined episode again in the future. Let us know what you think, and if you would like to see another episode with each other!

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Let us know your thoughts!