Aja Black

Happy podcast Friday everyone, and happy New Year! I hope everyone has an amazing 2019! to Kick off the new year, we have the amazing Aja Black!

Aja makes up half of the amazing duo, The Reminders. The Reminders are made up of Aja and her Husband ‘Big Samir.’ The duo released two albums titled: Recollect and Born Champions.

The Reminders have played along side many other amazing talents such as Brother Ali, Lauryn Hill, Snoop Dog, and more. Their music consists of rap, soul, and reggae.

Aja and Husband Samir: The Reminders
Image from their website.

Aja is a Queens New York born artist, with a remarkable style and voice. Before joining The Reminders, Aja told us about the first time she realized she could sing.

“When I was nine years old, my friend was entering a talent show, and she was singing. I told my parents I wanted to be in the talent show as well, and they said okay what are you going to do- and I said I’m going to sing, and they’re like ‘okay.’ I ended up winning the talent show.”

I personally have seen the duo preform live in March of 2018, and was blown away by their talent. They have an undeniable chemistry that radiates to the audience. Their adorable children also preformed with them playing musical instruments.

Throughout the interview, Black made many remarkable comments pertaining to diversity. She mentions that we always assume things about people without actually talking to them.

Aja Black, image taken Via Instagram

According to Aja, being a diverse woman is to “Have diversity of opinion, diversity of ideas, diversity of experience.” She continues on to tell us about being able to walk into a room full of women, who are not like her, and make a connection.

Aja talks about experiences she had on tour, such as one where she was told that she is pregnant with her third child by a woman who merely placed her hand on her stomach, and shortly after, she realized she actually was.

Not only was our conversation a real eye-opener, it was also very entertaining. you can check out the whole talk below, and take a listen to The Reminder’s music, which won’t disappoint 😉

Here is their website: http://www.theremindersmusic.com/

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