Tahera Rahman Makes History

Happy Friday everyone! It is podcast day here at She Speaks Diversity, and it is also the very last podcast of 2018!

To wrap up the year, I wanted to get a guest who has broken barriers, and smashed sterotypes. This weeks guest is broadcast journalist Tahera Rahman!

Rahman landed her job as a full-time television reporter earlier this year, after working as a producer for two years. She is the first ever hijab wearing Muslim to land a job as a full time T.V. reporter here in the United States.

Rahman was faced with barriers, as she told us how she was often told to remove her headscarf to land jobs. She explains that it was not an easy journey and that the field of journalism is already competitive, but being multiple forms of a minority also contributes to the competition.

“I went in on weekends too” Rahman said as she told us about her dedication to constantly learn and grow as a journalist. She told us how she applied for the reporting position multiple times before finally securing her now job.

Tahera Rahman at WHBF-TV

The Quad-cities reporter tells us about how her kindness, faith in God, and mother are part of what kept her going after her dream. Tahera is not only making history, but she is also very proud of her diverse background.

The barrier breaker was also featured on Megyn Kelly’s Today show to talk about her journey. You can watch that interview here.

In the podcast episode, she tells us what it was like growing up as a young Indian girl during the time of 9/11, and how it is also a factor into why she got involved in journalism.

“It was either a lawyer or a journalist” Tahera told us as she explained her motive behind representing Muslims in the media. She went on to explain her passion for journalism after taking a few classes in college, and getting more exposure into the media world.

Our conversation was very lively, and inspiring. It is definetly a good one for this week as Tahera is only just begining her journey as a reporter.

You can catch the podcast below, and on Soundcloud!

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