Question & Answer with Hinda and Duaa!

With the holidays around the corner and finals week approaching, it’s always nice to sit back, relax, and kick it with some friends! Maybe you had a friends-giving, maybe you went shopping. Regardless of what you and your pals did, you bonded over some good quality conversation. 

For this blog post, I sat with two long term friends of mine; Hinda Akel, and Duaa Hussen. I have very long and intellectual conversations with both of these young and inspiring women, and for first ever question answer segment, I decided they would be the perfect first guests! 

I posted on all my social media platforms earlier this week for my listeners to send in questions pertaining to women they would like to have answered. The response was more than I expected! The girls and I addressed most of the questions in the podcast, as well as the answers to the Instagram polls I had posted Wednesday night. 

After a long talk with both Hinda and Duaa, I was confident you would enjoy this podcast, as it is definitely the most fun one yet! After completing this podcast, I also decided I will be doing this form of podcast once a month, with different topics, as well as different people! 


Let us know your thoughts!