Women Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It is the middle of the week, Chicago is cold and blistery, the sunsets earlier, and the nights are longer. Pumpkin spice is transitioning to peppermint mocha, and we went from summer-like weather to the “Welcome to Chicago” temperatures really quick.

The middle of the week, in such cold temperatures,  can add to your stress and may shift your mental health. Seasonal depression is affecting people all over the world, and in today’s article, I decided to share a link to an article by Bizwoman, entitled: Women Suffer Most from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The article is important to read, as it specifies why women are more likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder vs. men. According to the article, “Just as women are at greater risk for depression and mood disorders, women are four times more likely than men to be diagnosed with S.A.D.”

With women already being more likely to develop depression, S.A.D is more prone to them, as the body changes when there is less sunlight emitted.

This was a great read, and I am sharing it with you so we can all sit back and think about S.A.D, and if it is something that we see around us, or even, in us.


Check out the article here: https://www.bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2018/11/women-suffer-most-from-seasonal-affective-disorder.html


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