Tyra Guan

This weeks guest is Tyra Guan a Columbia College Chicago student from Beijing. Tyra speaks Chinese and English, is an only child, and came on our podcast today to tell us more about her, and her transition from growing up and going to school in China, to now living in Chicago on her own for school.

In this podcast episode, Tyra explains what it is like growing up as an only child, as China had enacted the one child policy. She then explains that it is now okay for couples to have two children if they wish, as the population is now more stable.

Tyra then continued to talk about how Chicago is a lot less populated compared to Beijing. Anyone from Chicago – myself included- may be shocked to hear this, as walking through Chicago is definitely not easy with all the congestion.  She used a comparison between the trains in China and the trains in Chicago; she always finds a seat on the subway in Chicago, never Beijing.

Guan then continued on to talk about how she grew up on the country side, just outside of Beijing. She describes farming, and how her family grew up eating their farm products. Farm products are more fresh and it is also is completely different lifestyle than living in a city.

Tyra wishes she could have had an older brother, but she has plenty of cousins that fills the void for her. After she graduates from Columbia, she hopes to find a producing job, and would love to work in the United States. She misses her family, and talks to them every weekend to fill them in on her life in Chicago.

It was truly an honor to sit and talk with Tyra Guan for this weeks podcast, as she is very smart and kind. She is a prime example of what we want to see in our diverse community; a woman with a mind that will venture into something great.

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